Friday Focus

September 6, 2019

“Who’s Going to Write the Rest of Your Story?”

Your life is like a book.

It has a beginning and it will have an ending.  Between those two points, your story includes pleasure and pain, victory and loss, heartache and joy.  A page might represent a day or a single event and a chapter might represent a year or a particular relationship.

We’d all love to rewrite some of the chapters in our story; to revise our history in order to soften the blow.  But the chapters of the past can’t be rewritten; however, they can be redeemed.  That simply means that God can take our sinful chapters, and not only forgive us for them but bring new life from their ashes.

However, on Sunday, I want to ask a question that relates to how your story will end –

Who’s going to write the rest of your story?

It seems to me, you have three choices – you can write it, someone else can write it, or God can write it.


pastor jamie



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