Friday Focus

October 4, 2019

“Where Can I Carry My Shame?”

The title of Sunday’s message comes from a question asked by Tamar.  If you’ve never read Tamar’s story, I hope you will before Sunday.  You can find it in 2 Samuel 13:1-21.

I warn you, it’s a disturbing story and one that plays out all too often in our day.  Amnon, David’s oldest son, serves as a real-life illustration of what happens when lustful desires are allowed to dominate one’s life.  Amnon also serves to underscore how children who have everything often lack purpose and direction.  This story also points out how parents contribute good or evil by action or inaction in their children’s lives.

While all of these subjects would be worthy of consideration, this coming Sunday I’m going to focus on what happened to Tamar and then ask two questions:

  1. How can we, as a church, learn and grow from Tamar’s story?
  2. What can those who share Tamar’s story learn about God?

As I prepare both my words and heart for Sunday, I’m praying for the women in our church family who’ve been devastated by rape and sexual assault.  I’m asking God to restore you and to heal you where you’ve been broken.  I’m also praying that Faith Family continues to be a place of refuge for any daughter of the King who feels discarded and forsaken.

Mostly, I’m praying Faith Family continues to be a church that is willing to help every broken and wounded heart carry their shame to the cross where their healing awaits.

With love,

pastor jamie

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