Friday Focus

Friday, May 11, 2018

“The Person God Uses Endures in Obedience”

Jeremiah was a man used by God.  While in the beginning he tried to excuse himself from God’s call, he determined to quit with the excuses and surrender to God’s will.  Later, Jeremiah exhibited a heart for those without God in their lives.  Truly, Jeremiah’s heart was broken by the things that break God’s heart; namely, rebellious human beings who reject His mercy and grace.  Jeremiah also determined to rise above the discouragements inherent in ministry.  In spite of rejection, he served God his whole life with his whole heart.  As a result, Jeremiah was a man used by God!

This Sunday we’ll take one final look at Jeremiah and how he endured in obedience.

Sunday’s service will provide numerous opportunities for celebration.  We’ll rejoice with our High School graduates as they transitioninto their next chapter of life and we’ll celebrate with our little ones as they lead us in worship through several special songs.  We’ll also recognize our moms and the celebrate the ways in which God uses them in our lives.

I hope you plan to be with us on Sunday as it promises to be an eventful and memorable day!

Ready to be used by Him,

Pastor Jamie


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