Friday Focus

March 15, 2019

“How Do You Get From Fayette to Heaven?”

In His conversation with Nicodemus about how one gets to heaven, Jesus made a bold declaration, “You must be born again.”

Born again? Now that’s an interesting phrase.  I think it was Jimmy Carter who, during an interview with Playboy,  said he was “born again” when he ran for president in 1976.

I also remember a guy name Charles Colson, of Watergate fame, who wrote a book called, “Born Again.”  He took a lot of heat from the religious and academic elites for using that title as they accused him of being a spiritual simpleton who was pushing a notion that could only sell in the hills of eastern Kentucky.

But Carter and Colson aside, what was Jesus trying to explain?  Taking His words at face value, it seems to me Jesus was trying to explain to Nicodemus how to get from Fayette to heaven.  Specifically, He told Nicodemus that getting to heaven requires a new birth.

It all seems like a pretty important subject, especially if heaven and eternity are involved.  So, this coming Sunday we’re going to dig into John 3:1-21 as we continue our Journey with John.

Pastor Jamie Page

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