Friday Focus

March 1, 2019

When Worship Goes Wrong

In his book, “Experiencing God in Worship”, Christian author George Barna wrote that the main reason millions of people in America go to church every week is not to worship God, but is instead to have a pleasing experience.  He goes on to say that “most Americans go to church to satisfy or please themselves, not to honor or please God.”  Amazingly, few of the people interviewed in Barna’s study said that worship is something that they do primarily for God.  Instead, a much larger percentage of those who attend worship services on a regular basis claim that they do so for personal benefit and pleasure.

Is it possible for worship to go wrong?  If the answer to that question is yes, we must ask ourselves WHEN does worship go wrong?

As we continue our Journey with John, in chapter 2, verses 13-22, we can find the answer to this difficult and complex question.  I look forward to digging into this passage of scripture together with you this coming Sunday.

Pastor Brandon


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