Friday Focus

April 12, 2019


It is our mission to invite the seeker to salvation and to disciple the believer to maturity so each may become a fully-devoted follower of Jesus Christ.

I spend a lot of time thinking and praying about what it means to be a fully-devoted follower of Jesus Christ.  That’s why I’m excited to teach out of Luke 19:28-44 this coming Sunday morning because it can help us differentiate between a half-hearted follower and a fully-devoted-follower.

I hope you’ll take time to read though the familiar text.  It’s the story of Jesus, one week before His crucifixion, as He entered the city of Jerusalem and was greeted by waving palm branches, surrendered cloaks, and the praises of young and old alike who proclaimed Him to be the “King who comes in the name of the Lord.”

But here’s what is crazy – on Sunday these followers seemed fully-devoted to Jesus but by Friday they’ were calling for His crucifixion.  How does that happen?

While there’s a lot in this text, I will focus on the four evidences of the fully-devoted follower we find.  See if you can identify them.

I look forward to seeing you on Palm Sunday!

Please note:  we’ve moved our Missionary Offering to this week in order to avoid Easter Sunday.

pastor jamie

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