Friday Focus

“The Power of Perspective”

Basically, there are three ways I can live my life in America today as I watch our culture become more and more like Babylon of old.

I can curl up and DIE!  I can grit my teeth and struggle to SURVIVE!  Or, I can follow Daniel’s lead by looking to God in order to THRIVE!

Remember, Daniel didn’t choose to live in Babylon nor did he like what was going on there.  Nonetheless, he made a conscious decision to be a light in a dark place in order to make a difference for the kingdom of God.

Whether he was being promoted or imprisoned, Daniel didn’t just talk about his faith, he lived it.

Three things enabled Daniel to THRIVE in Babylon.  First, he had real HOPE that gave him real courage.  He was knowingly confident that everything would turn out okay because God was in ultimate control.

Second, he possessed real HUMILITY which brought him real credibility.  Daniel’s humility moved him to serve those around him – those  who deserved to be served and those who didn’t.  His humility even brought him favor in the eyes of his captors.

Finally, Daniel exhibited real WISDOM which gave him a true perspective on the culture in which he lived.  He saw things as they truly were according to the vantage point of God.

In order to thrive in Babylon, we must maintain perspective.  Those who lack perspective prove their spiritual immaturity.  Sadly, the church is full of men and women who are spiritually and emotionally stunted because they lack God’s perspective on life, the world, marriage, money, trials, and everything else.

Have you lost your perspective regarding this Babylon-like culture and world?

If so, I believe Sunday’s message will offer some practical suggestions on how you can re-enter this sin-darkened world to be a light for Jesus Christ.

I hope to see you Sunday!

pastor jamie

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