Friday Focus

Friday, December 7

We have spent the last couple of weeks in a series called “The Way of the Worshipper.”  We have looked at many truths when it comes to worship.

We have reflected on how easy it can be offer fake worship, and we have reminded ourselves how to identify and engage in real worship.  Throughout the course of the series, we have revisited the established truths about what worship is and is not.  Worship is certainly much more than just a song we sing or a set list of songs that we put together each week.  Worship is more than a hymn from our hymn books, a song on the radio or on our Spotify play list.

Worship is the whole of our life that declares our response to the greatness of our God.  It is the offering that we give Him.  It is the way we live our life.  It is the way we do our jobs.  It is the way we treat people.  It is the way we treat our spouse and raise our children.  It is the way that we serve our church.  It is the way we steward our businesses and our farms.  It is the way we prioritize all the chaos and busyness of our lives.

When you break down the word worship in the original language, it is more accurately translated as “Worth-ship.”  Our worship is the declaration of the worth and value God has in our lives.  It is the declaration of our response to His holiness, His faithfulness, and the work He has done in our lives.

But there is one aspect of worship that often gets over looked and is rarely discussed.  It is an aspect of worship that many never comprehend.  It is a truth that we find in scripture – a truth that empowers us and should inspire us because of the promises that God has made in our lives.  It is a truth that can change lives and unlock freedom.   The truth is WORSHIP IS A WEAPON.

I pray that you will join us Sunday as we continue to look at what the Bible says regarding the way of the worshipper.  We will look at a story found in 2 Chronicles 20:1-22.  I am excited about the incredible truths we will find there together.


Pastor Brandon


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