Friday Focus

November 17, 2017

“All Grown-Up!”

As a kid, I remember visiting my grandma’s house after not seeing her for a number of months.  As she’d look me over she’d exclaim, “Look at you; you’re all grown-up!”

I assumed I was, indeed, all grown-up.  However, as it related to my emotional and spiritual development, I was still a self-centered little kid.

We can deceive ourselves as it relates to our spiritual maturity.  When the Holy Spirit holds up the mirror of God’s Word in front of us, we see our true reflection and discover we’re not as far along as we thought.

We tend to gauge spiritual maturity by how much a person knows about the Bible, by how long they’ve been going to church, or by how much they give to worthy causes.  It seems to me that Jesus uses other methods to gauge spiritual maturity.  He looks beyond religious activity; He looks at our relationships with other people.

Jesus introduced what we could call “Relational Theology.” In other words, if a person claims to have a quality relationship with God then that fact should be reflected in their relationships with other people.

In preparation for Sunday, I encourage you to prayerfully read and contemplate Romans 12:1-10.

Still growing,

pastor jamie


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