Friday Focus

Friday, June 21

When Everything Changes

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

 I remember when I first heard this quote.  I never understood it.  I could never relate to it.  If I can be so bold, I thought it was absolutely ludicrous.  Why in the world would one even think to take a step onto a staircase that they couldn’t see?  Perhaps it was my fear of heights, fear of knowing what’s below the surface, or my fear of the unknown.  Back then, I had a tendency to lean towards my perceived truth that some people where simply insane for making decisions when the consequences of those decisions weren’t obviously clear.

There is another, well-known saying that I abided by for years.  “Seeing is believing”.  The idea that nothing is truly a reality until you have seen it with your own eyes. As I have gotten older, I have seen this mindset hinder many when it comes to their walk with the Lord.  I am as guilty as anyone, as I have lived much of my life believing that if God would just simply change my circumstances, I would more deeply believe in His goodness and His sovereignty.  But thank God for helping me begin to understand that when I fully place my faith in God, in the very things that I cannot see, is when and only when everything changes.

I am excited to resume our Journey with John series as we continue in John 4:43-54.  In one nobleman’s story, we are given great insight into the journey one’s faith often must go through to arrive at a place of mature faith and understanding that no, seeing really doesn’t change everything.  In fact, it is believing in the unseen that God often changes everything.  I hope you can join us Sunday!


Pastor Brandon

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