Friday Focus

May 19, 2017

“Real Friendships”

I’ve been looking forward to this “Real Friendships” sermon series since last year.

What characterizes a “real friendship?” I’m blessed to have what I consider to be many “real friendships.”  But my greatest of these friendships is the one I share with my wife, Sarah.  My friendship with Sarah blesses me with love, companionship, encouragement, accountability, and forgiveness.  In addition, her friendship provides me with another profound gift – the gift of being heard.

When Sarah listens to me, she shows me, in practical ways, how much she appreciates me and values me.  Listening to people is a simple way to put love into action.

Jesus repeatedly linked our love for Him with our love for others. Isn’t that the Great Commandment?  How could so many of us have missed something so basic in our discipleship?  Our focus on loving God is a good thing, but failing to associate our love for God with loving people is a glaring problem.

The crux of our Real Friendships series is simple – Real friendships are based on real love, and real love takes real action!

To prepare yourself for Sunday’s message, prayerfully consider the Apostle John’s words in 1 John 3:11-18, focusing especially on  verse 18!

Your friend,

pastor jamie


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