Friday Focus

April 19, 2019

“The Seven Signs of Christ”

For Resurrection Sunday this year, we’re going to continue our Journey with John as we focus on the seven miracles of Jesus he writes about in his Gospel.

Actually, John refers to these seven miracles as “signs” because all of them make one declaration – JESUS IS GREATER.

From these seven signs we learn Jesus is greater than our emptiness and anything that wants to try and separate us from Him.  We learn Jesus is not only greater than sickness,  addictions, and sin, but He’s also greater than any present need or storm in our lives.

Beyond these, we learn Jesus is greater than our spiritual blindness and He is greater than our final enemy – death.  John’s message is straightforward…


I hope you’re planning to be with us Sunday morning for our sunrise service, our Easter breakfast, and our special morning worship service.  I also hope you’ve invited someone to attend church with you this Sunday as it’s going to be a great day!

Living in the truth that Jesus is greater,

pastor jamie

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